Financial Assistance

Supported by the Bill Purcell and Brian Schrader Soccership Fund.

The Celtics Soccer Club is committed to providing an affordable competitive soccer program. In
addition, Celtics encourages camaraderie, confidence, pride, and team spirit. Because of these
strong beliefs, as long as funds are available from donations received and/or fundraising activities
conducted by the club, Celtics will make scholarships available to qualifying players and their
families. If at all possible, no player who wishes to play soccer and participate in the Celtics Soccer
Club will be denied due to financial hardship.

Criteria and Eligibility
 Any family may apply if an economic barrier could prevent a player from enjoying and
playing soccer.
 Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship from the Bill Purcell
& Brian Schrader Soccership Fund. Proof of need shall be included with the application
to allow for full consideration of awarding a scholarship and to assist in verifying the level
of financial need. This information will be reviewed discreetly and confidentially. Proof
may include:  any player currently receiving government assistance such as welfare or
free/reduced lunch subsidy records, income tax records or pay stubs, and/or a written
sample of an individual’s situation.
 Scholarships are granted for one season at a time. Players with continued need will be
required to reapply each season.

Normally, no scholarship will be awarded to cover the cost of the uniforms, camps or travel costs for
coaches. However, there may be some extreme circumstances where a child may receive additional
assistance. In the event a child meets the Federal Poverty Guidelines as reflected in the Federal
Register, a child may receive more financial assistance; However, funds are limited. Unfortunately,
player travel expenses cannot be covered in the scholarship. A Celtics Scholarship will not cover
cost of additional items purchased, such as socks, equipment bags, practice gear, or other non-
uniform items.
Applications for scholarships are available for both seasons. These Applications must be submitted
prior to June 15 for the Fall Season and January 15 for the Spring Season. It is unlikely scholarship
funds will remain available for those who apply after these dates.
If you feel your player meets the above criteria. Contact David Rout with questions


Preview and click "Use Template" of the FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION form. Please send all forms to David Rout at