Volunteer with us

Thanks to our amazing LG Celtics families we do not impose a volunteer requirement to be a part of our organization. Instead, we encourage each family to find a way to be a part of the Celtics in a way that works for them and fits into their schedule.

For more information contact info@theceltics.org

Volunteer Opportunities

Team Managers are responsible for the day-to-day administration of a team’s activities. They will be responsible for helping to collect player registration paperwork and give to the club for the purpose of submitting official state roster to the leagues and submit Tournament applications when asked and put together paperwork required for events your team will go to. They will compile and distribute the team’s roster/email list and will assist the team coach in making league game/time changes. The team administrator will communicate team and club activity or publish any team information to their teams on a regular basis.


Contact info@theceltics.org

Team Uniform Coordinators receive the uniforms and practice shirts ordered by their team each fall. They sort and distribute the items for their team. They also may be asked to help get uniforms and other items to new players to their team throughout the year.

Contact info@theceltics.org

Grasshopper League Volunteers work 3.5 hour shifts one Saturday during the league games. These volunteers help set up and close down each Saturday. They get the scores from refs or coaches and report those to our Director of Operations. 

Contact info@theceltics.org

Hospitality Tent Volunteers work a 1-2 hour shift at tournaments throughout the year. We also ask for volunteers to bring food and drink to stock the hospitality tent.

Contact info@theceltics.org

Club Social Event Coordinators are always welcome. We host events every 1-2 months. CLICK HERE for a list of our planned events. Email estanford@theceltics.org

Pet Parade Coordinators help plan the Celtics "float" in the La Grange Pet Parade. This is a great community event and we are happy to be a part of it, showing off our Celtics Pride. Email Elli at estanford@theceltics.org to volunteer.

Try Out Volunteers assist with tryouts. Tasks you may be asked to do include: hand out tryout numbers, assist in pinning them on the kids, prepare evaluations sheets for staff, collecting any needed paperwork from players attending the tryout, and take pictures of each kid attending the try out.