Grasshopper League Info

GH Winter League

The Celtics League @ the Grasshopper consists of:

  • Starts Dec 3rd. Ends March 11th. (Dec 24th - Jan 7th No Games)
  • Format: 5v5, 40 minute games
  • Prices, 12 games = $1200, 10 games = $1000, 8 games = $800


  • All games on Saturdays between 8 am and 4 pm.
  • Ages run 2015 through 2010, boys and girls.
  • No cleats at the Grasshopper.

The Grasshopper is located at 4170 Madison St, Hillside, IL 60162.

Grasshopper League Expectations

The league was founded on Player Development and, as such, all participating organizations have agreed to:

General Information

  1. Personalized schedule - We can maneuver so coaches can use their time more effectively. 
  2. Number of games options - Highly competitive price and we can offer more games than anyone locally
  3. Competitive divisions - We run the first 3 game weekends before the Winter Break and then restructure the divisions accordingly.
  4. Referees will be a mix of experience and youth; we are looking to develop the next generation of local referees. We are asking our referees to only use caution as a last resort. Education of players, rather than a caution, is encouraged.
  5. Coach & Parent Etiquette should speak for itself. However, we do ask that you place stewardship of the game as a high priority while at the Grasshopper. 
  6. Coaches are also asked to be responsible for parent behavior and commit to a high level of decorum.
  7. Roster movement within an age group is perfectly fine to ensure enough players are available for each game.

We hope that your club/organization & families enjoy this unique indoor experience and that your players improve exponentially over the course of the winter season. These are our two main objectives.

League Exepctations

1. A controlled environment where the highest importance is placed on an individual player’s growth.
2. No pressure to win games. No standings are kept, but scores are recorded during the games to encourage competition.
3. Emphasis being placed on control, ball movement and technique, which is ideal preparation for the spring season. Raw physical and athletic ability is less of a factor in the 5v5 format.